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Company Profile And History

The Bhoir Group introduces itself as one of the Leading Indian Dredging Company. The promoters of Bhoir Group are Marine specialists, who have acquired in-depth knowledge of Marine operations and services throughout India. The company was incepted looking at the needs focused on ports requirements. Dredging and Coastal reclamation, manning and control system has been the key to success. In the recent past, company has expanded its services to the field of Heavy Crane renting, maintenance of Marine crafts and Dredgers as well as in the field of shipyards & dry docks, Utility Vessels, and also other offshore vessels of various types. It is the company's constant Endeavour to improve the organization internally and externally to provide high standard of services, which the company is known for. The growth of Bhoir Group lies on the product line and religious services renowned for their quality, devotion and reliability to the entire satisfaction of the clients.

The company has opened up its Dredging field, taking the first step to Coastal Dredging, specifically sand, in and around Coastal belt of India in the Seas and also around the Coastal area, along creek side. The achievement and appreciation which Bhoir Group received is for deepening the mouth of various creeks for the entry of offshore Marine vessels to the port, easing the traffic congestion, also smooth operation within the approach channels. Besides Coastal dredging, the company actively involves in doing Inland Dredging of rivers and canals. On shipyard Maintenance and Repairs field the company has achieved its appreciation in maintaining the Dredgers.

Our Vision

To be the Leader in all verticals of the businesses which we are carring out in our organization with a view which will benefit our client, our employees as well as our Shareholders.

Our Mission

1. To always put SAFETY FIRST for our people; our clients; and the community.
2. To care of our ENVIRONMENT through a best work practice , work culture and continuous improvement in the standard of the Organization.
3. Strive for RELIABILITY by having the best work force in our company with a focus on a cost effective outcome.


M/s. Bhoir Dredging Company Pvt. Ltd. employees will achieve our mission by practicing the following values;

Integrity – Do what is right and honest

  • We care for each other’s well-being and safety
  • We take personal responsibility and are accountable for our own actions
  • We are open, straight forward and honest
  • We treat everyone fairly, with respect and build trusted relationships

Collaboration – Present to our Clients as a coordinated team working together to achieve more

  • We believe we achieve more when we work together
  • We partner with our affiliates sharing their objectives
  • We listen, respect and respond productively to differing points of view
  • We share knowledge, expertise and resources and learn from each other
  • We document our risk exposure and decisions to reduce identified risks

Challenge   Work to succeed and meet our Client’s need and expectations

  • We embrace change and challenge to the status quo
  • We are flexible, adaptable, versatile, innovative Reliable and resilient
  • We don’t just react, we anticipate, show initiative and proactive as well as prompt in our actions . We evaluate and through consultation achieve continuous improvement in our work and benefit of our actions
  • We evaluate and through consultation achieve continuous improvement in our work


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